Malt MARIS OTTER MD™ (Dingemans Mouterij)

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Malt MARIS OTTER MD™ (EBC: 6, °L:2,8)


  • Color: 6 EBC (°L: 2,8)
  • Characteristic: Malt made of English best known and premium barley MARIS OTTER™. Its low nitrogen content, uniformly plump kernels, and robust husk has made it a favorite among English brewers for its reliable and forgiving brewhouse performance, and, most notably, because of the unique Maris Otter flavor it adds to the beer which may be absent in modern barley varieties grown for yield and ease of agricultural production. This fine base malt will easily convert with a single infusion mash, and produce an orange tinged golden wort with a unique rich, slightly nutty flavor.
  • Producer: Mouterij Dingemans N.V. for non UK countries.
  • Packiging: 25kg (Bag)


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